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Cobot Systems is shaping the factory of the future with automated workforce solutions

Job shop owners & managers consistently rank the ability to find qualified staff as the number one problem they face. While high-production manufacturing businesses solved their labor shortage issue with automation decades ago, automation for the high-mix/low-volume manufacturing environment of job shops has remained elusive.

Cobot Systems was founded to make job shop automation practical: It needed to be flexible, easy to program, easy to move to multiple machines, compact without the need for intrusive safety fences, and able to work WITH the skilled labor instead of replacing them.

The Solution? Cobots—Collaborative Robots. Cobot Systems partnered with Universal Robots (UR), innovator and world leader in collaborative robots, to create practical CNC machine automation solutions that are affordable, practical, flexible, compact, and eliminate the need to call an expensive integrator each time you want to change your automation or move the system to different machines.

Additionally, our Job Shop Automation will maximize the contribution of your staff. They won’t need to waste time on repetitive, redundant, and simple tasks. Instead, the cobots will do the monotonous and low-value tasks so your machinists can maximize the high-value skills they contribute to each job.

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