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Today's robotic systems aim to match the physical capabilities of their biological counterparts in terms of strength, agility, and dexterity, yet fail to achieve untethered robot to machine communication. Changing this situation is challenging and requires fundamental shifts in the current approach to robot integrations. Cobot Systems has developed a new paradigm evolved from mechatronic advances and understanding of human biomechanics.

After completing more than 150 Cobot integrations across the country using 24-volt signals, discrete IO, ethernet connections, plc’s and Modbus expansion modules hard-wired between the robot and machine controller and performing ladder modifications, software updates, and writing macros we were convinced that there must be a better way.  We reflected on the past and recalled that Esben Østergaard, the founder of universal robots and the inventor of collaborative robots, identified that robots should be safe, not live in cages, and be easy to program so everyone can use them.
 Østergaard then successfully founded Universal-Robots to develop a safe and user-friendly robot technology that changed the automation industry, making robots accessible to everyone.  Cobot Systems is building on the same idea. Automation of production machinery should not require costly, complicated, and time-consuming integration. There should be no additional cost to prepare a second or third machine to communicate with a robot you may want to move around your shop.

Our experienced team has closely analyzed the cumbersome and sometimes frustrating process of integrating and validating robot to machine communications and studied the natural human to machine interactions to develop highly effective, efficient, and interactive peripheral devices for loading raw material, unloading machined parts, controlling cycle starts, and most importantly providing actuation of lathe chucks and milling vises. We developed an independent, universal Mill+Turn autonomous machine tending system that’s not wired to or controlled by the CNCThis standardized solution works with CNC mills or lathes without wiring to your CNC control. It’s simple. Just plug and produce!  We offer standardize solutions for CNC Machines, press brakes, injection molding, palletizing, welding, bagging, testing and assembly including torque-controlled screw driving and fluid dispensing for sealing and adhesive applications.

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